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Rod's experience in energetics helps you receive warm

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Rod's long familiarity with Kinesiology enhances your

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Activator Technique

Since 2001, Rod has been an Instructor in this gentle,

reassuring 'non-cracking', low-force chiropractic technique.

Dr Rod McLean Chiropractor

Say goodbye to pain and hello to living with chiropractic, kinesiology and energetics.

The two key factors that support my work are my long interest and experience of working with people experiencing pain and disability and my use of Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique...

Over more than 30 years as a health professional I have literally worked with thousands of patients like you, to assist with injury and strain and a whole new quality of life that comes with improved function and less pain.

Providing excellence in health care with Chiropractic, Kinesiology and Energetics for Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounds.

Chiropractic Newcastle

Activator Methods Technique is a gentle form of chiropractic care that has been developing over almost 50 years to assist in working with people presenting with a wide range of health problems. It is designed for those looking for spinal adjustments without the use of more forceful ‘cracking’ techniques and it allows practitioners to work on clients who have a large variety in their needs, from children experiencing pain while sitting at school desks all day long up through adults struggling with chronic back conditions or neurological disorders. Rod McLean started practising Activator Techniques 30+ years ago and became an instructor when they were first popularized years later.

Energetic Medicine - Treating the Whole Body, Mind and Spirit

The emotional baggage that we carry can manifest as physical pain or difficulty in moving. That’s why Rod, a trained Energetics specialist, is able to find the deeper painful aspect of you and then effectively address your whole problem with various therapeutic approaches.

Sometimes our deep-seated inner pain will express itself through physical discomfort where it may be difficult for us to move freely due to what could even seem like unending backaches all throughout an entire day at work. Other times these pains are felt only when holding certain positions such as sitting upright on a bench seat after eating too much fast food (or feeling stiff from overworking). Whatever kind of symptom you have experienced before coming into contact with Rod's expertise - he will prepare the path to your freedom.

Healing Methods for Chronic Back and Neck Pains

Intuitive Healing is a form of energy healing that connects the power of your subconscious mind and healing your body. It is a form of therapy that accesses the body's natural healing tendencies to restore more natural balance and function. The focus is on the whole patient, not just the symptoms, and is individually tailored so you move towards healing in your own way and at your own pace. The idea behind intuitive healing can involve simply letting go and practicing to relax and meditate. Removing resistance to allow the process to work.

Some people simply develop the ability to engage in intuitive healing and a natural interest or ability can be trained so that directions and ways of practice become more clear. The power of mindfulness, for example, has been studied by scientists from around the world showing that people dealing with chronic debilitating medical situations did much better following an 8 week course in mindfulness. Some people functioned better physiologically and most functioned better emotionally. A clear example of the power of 'inner work' on the body and on wellbeing.

Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic

Chronic Pain Relief in Newcastle

Is your pain chronic and persistent? Do you find yourself in a cycle of flare-ups that never seem to go away, or returning from the same injury time and again? If so, then you may be experiencing what's known as "chronic pain." Chronic pain is defined as any type of long-term physical discomfort - such as back or neck pain - which persists for more than 12 weeks.

Unfortunately, many people with chronic pain also experience depression. Your body is a machine. But with chronic pain, science shows that 'your wiring' can get 'tangled', hypersensitive and hard to settle down. Kinesiology is the study of human movement and with natural therapies it is a way to check areas of function/dysfunction and works towards ascertaining the best next treatment step towards moving feeling and functioning at more optimum levels.


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