It’s true! If you don’t use it, you lose it  

You must use the FULL range of your joints regularly or your flexibility will slowly but surely diminish without you knowing.

As children we were active, constantly stretching our bodies. But, as adults, responsibilities and demands accumulate and we simply move less.

We contract but we don’t notice the slowing down.

So it may come as a shock to realise that you are becoming a stiffer, less inflexible person.

To help yourself and improve your flexibility requires;

1.         A PLAN OF ACTION

  • are you better in a class or prefer to be doing your own thing?
  • are you interested in yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, swimming, body balance for example?
  • it is important that you have fun while you exercise
  • having a buddy or partner can be very encouraging


  • results take time and it can be a little tough at first
  • doing things that you used to be good at but are not so good at now can be hard


  • small is safe – pace yourself in the class – you’ll improve if you persist
  • it is better for your body and your confidence to start ‘small’ and then slowly build both the duration of your exercise and then the intensity of your exercise.


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