If you’re an active skateboarding dad yor & your child are in good hands and this blog is not for you.

But if you hung up your skate board 10 years ago and you have given your child their 1st skateboard and you intend to show them a few tricks – BEWARE!

Lots of dads end up in emergency with broken arms and sometimes broken heads when things don’t go to plan because if you don’t use it (practice) you lose it.

Seriously, if you retire an activity the movement patterns that you created in your brain start to erode through neglect and if you leave it long enough the pattern will be gone. You can think that you have the moves but you risk being hurt as you find you haven’t.

Suggestion -  if you want to skate board with your child, become a beginner with them (this means that you start again).

If you are in your 30s you may find that your child learns faster, is quicker, less fearful and starts to run rings around you.

Don’t be shy. Your child will be quietly impressed that you skate board with them and that you are cool, even for an oldie.

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