All chiropractors are well trained in spinal adjustments (manipulation).

However, there is a great range of chiropractic techniques which can 'look' and 'feel' very different from each other.

As a chiropractic student, I worked for Dr Shirley George, a Sydney chiropractor, massaging patients in her clinic.

Shirley was a ‘non crack' chiropractor. She worked with SOT and Activator Methods (both ‘crack free chiropractic techniques) and used a great deal of Applied Kinesiology in her practice.

Kinesiology and Activator Technique particularly appealed to me and since attending my 1st Activator Technique seminar during my 1st year in practice, I haven’t ‘cracked’ a back since.

Activator Technique is;

  • good to use with the very young, the old and the frail, plus everyone in between.
  • Activators deliver a thrust that is light but extremely fast and it is the speed of the activator’s impulse that ‘adjusts’ the spine.
  • While at the same time, the patient experiences a relatively gentle experience.
  • Children especially seem to be relaxed while being adjusted with an activator.

I keep an Activator in my car so I don’t leave home without one.

Activator II  (manual)                     Activator III  (manual)                  Activator V (electronic)

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