Your Remarkable Spinal Column is both Flexible and Strong

Your spinal column is remarkable because it is both quite flexible and very strong. You have 24 vertebrae sitting on top of your pelvis with complex articulation between each vertebra.

Remembering Dr Lindsay Rowe – a Giant in Chiropractic & Medicine (1956 – 2016)
I attended Lindsay’s funeral service on January 31st. The church was standing room only for this remarkably gifted clinician, educator and family man. I first met Lindsay at a chiropractic seminar about 30 years ago. He was sitting in the back row listening to the presentation whilst writing a book on a laptop. Lindsay graduated as a chiropractor, became board certified as a chiropractic radiologist, co-authored a widely used radiology textbook and then studied medicine at Newcastle university. Lindsay had an extraordinary ability to multitask. He simultaneously worked as a chiropractor, studied medicine and lectured overseas in radiology. He became a medical radiologist, an associate professor at the University of Newcastle and was loved by students for his extraordinary ability […]

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