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What Is Mindfulness, and Why Do Kids Need It?

From our earliest moments, mindfulness can help minimize anxiety and increase happiness. 


Mindfulness and its benefits can be introduced to children as an idea, an activity and a skill that reaps rewards in so many ways. 

The benefits list from Mindfulness is long, many layered and similar to the benefit lists that flow from many healthy ways of living such as adequate exercise, sleep, entertaining healthy thoughts and consuming nutritious food for example.

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Mindfulness is staying present and experiencing 'now'. Children respond well to encouragement in this regard. If the parents are interested in mindfulness and its benefits the children will lean in this direction and trheir interest can be nurtured. 

We Sit and We Sit Poorly and this Damages our Posture and our Health

Homo erectus is who we are! We are designed to be upright, erect but we now spend much of our time sitting, and sitting poorly.

Esther Gokhale in the 6 minute Ted X talk below, speaks of the importance of tilting your pelvis forward (tilting your bottom out) to allow the spine to sit upright without slumping.

A good upright sitting posture is easy if you put your knees lower than your hips.

A good upright sitting posture is easy if you put your knees lower than your hips.

Some office chairs can be adjusted so that the seat platform can be made to slope forward.

Alternatively, a cushion or wedge under your bottom will achieve the same result as will sitting towards the front of your chair. 

experiment to find what best suits your work and leisure.

When it comes to speed chiropractic is part of the equation

Dr. Don Moore, who began working with California Chrome 18 months ago, checks the horse's right leg. (Photo courtesy of Don Moore)

Dr. Don Moore, who began working with California Chrome 18 months ago, checks the horse's right leg. (Photo courtesy of Don Moore)

Chiropractic plays a role in the performance of athletes especially those who are built for speed. Chiropractors, particularly those who specialise in working with horses are regulars on horse studs in Australia. 

Usane Bolt publicly acknowledges the role chiropractic plays as part of his fitness preparation and maintenance regime.

Dr Michael Douglas is a US based chiropractor from in both Florida seen working with the 'fastest man on earth'.

If you are not sure what role chiropractic might play with you as a member of the human race and would like to know, give me a ring on 0402 156 373,

Why I switched to Activator Chiropractic Technique 30 + years ago and haven’t ‘cracked’ anyone’s back since

All chiropractors are well trained in spinal adjustments (manipulation).

However, there is a great range of chiropractic techniques which can 'look' and 'feel' very different from each other.

As a chiropractic student, I worked for Dr Shirley George, a Sydney chiropractor, massaging patients in her clinic.

Shirley was a ‘non crack' chiropractor. She worked with SOT and Activator Methods (both ‘crack free chiropractic techniques) and used a great deal of Applied Kinesiology in her practice.

Kinesiology and Activator Technique particularly appealed to me and since attending my 1st Activator Technique seminar during my 1st year in practice, I haven’t ‘cracked’ a back since.

Activator Technique is;

  • good to use with the very young, the old and the frail, plus everyone in between.
  • Activators deliver a thrust that is light but extremely fast and it is the speed of the activator’s impulse that ‘adjusts’ the spine.
  • While at the same time, the patient experiences a relatively gentle experience.
  • Children especially seem to be relaxed while being adjusted with an activator.  

I keep an Activator in my car so I don’t leave home without one.

Activator II  (manual)                     Activator III  (manual)                  Activator V (electronic)

Sitting is said o be the new smoking... What does this mean?

It is now recognised that inactivity is dangerous for your health

and that sitting for long periods is should be avoided. It has been suggested that the long term health impact from sitting may well be as serious for us as smoking.

protect yourself by;

  1. Notice what you do and don't do in your work day. What patterns do you have and do they lock you into inactivity?
  2. buying a tracker such as a fit bit to see how many steps a day you actually take
  3. put some things out of reach such as your printer so that you have to get up to use them
  4. set an alarm on your phone to remind you that it is time for you to get up and stretch
  5. have a buddy agreement so that you both get up when your phone reminds you

What can you do that’s good for your joints?

What can you do that is beneficial for your joints?

Check out these don’ts and Dos


  1. Run in worn shoes.
  2. Pound protesting joints. For example' running with sore ankles, feet or knees. Get yourself checked out by a qualified person.
  3. Eat junk food or consume a high sugar diet.


1.       Make sure that spinal and limb joints are not jammed or restricted – this is a chiropractor's skill area

2.       Exercise so that you

  1.   Stretch and maintain joint flexibility
  2.   Load your joints with light to moderate weight - regular loading is good for your joints
  3.   Cross train or vary your exercise on consecutive days

3.       Eat nutritious food. Avoid sugar which some nutritionists claim can acidify your system and lead to joint pain

Sleep well – your body repairs during sleep