Activator Methods Technique is a ‘soft’ form of ‘no crack’ chiropractic care. It has been developing for over 50 years and is intended to gently assist people who present with a wide range of health problems.

This ‘low-force technique’ aims to restore more normal spinal patterns of movement in an injured back without the need for ‘cracking’ your spine.

Rod McLean has practiced the Activator technique for 35+ years and has assisted as a table instructor for Activator Seminars in 2001.

The current Activator Technique textbook acknowledges Rod’s contribution to the development of Activator Methods.

The current Activator Technique text book acknowledges the contribution of Rod McLean to the development of Activator Methods.

Importantly, Activator Technique incorporates both the Activator Instrument and Activator Analysis.

The Activator Instrument delivers a light but very rapid thrust as a unique system of delivering spinal adjustments.

Activator Analysis is designed to indicate to the chiropractor which spinal levels have restricted motion and which direction to adjust these spinal segments with an Activator adjusting instrument.

Activator Analysis involves developed by Activator Methods over many years which uses analysis of leg lengths analysis as a protocol.

Activator Methods has conducted extensive research for more than 25 years. For more information about the range of Activator Research visit

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