What shape are you in? How do you know? Do you have your spine checked?

These are a very important questions about your health!

If we're talking about your teeth, blood pressure, liver function, PAP smear for example you are presented with results because an expert has specifically checked the normality of your system for you.

By law, your car is checked each year, but what about your spine? When was the last time that your spine was checked?

Your mechanic will check for joints in your car that are too tight or too loose and adjust them back to normal. Similarly, chiropractors check your spine for normal or abnormal patterns of movement and adjust joints that are too tight so these joints can move more freely. This allows joints that had been moving excessively to settle back into a normal pattern.

This is very important if you want to ensure that you keep good spinal health with smooth joint surfaces and healthy discs. If you want to find out what shape your spine is in have it checked by a qualified practitioner who works with spines every day.

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