What can you do that is beneficial for your joints?

Check out these don’ts and Dos


  1. Run in worn shoes.
  2. Pound protesting joints. For example' running with sore ankles, feet or knees. Get yourself checked out by a qualified person.
  3. Eat junk food or consume a high sugar diet.


1.       Make sure that spinal and limb joints are not jammed or restricted – this is a chiropractor's skill area

2.       Exercise so that you

  1.   Stretch and maintain joint flexibility
  2.   Load your joints with light to moderate weight - regular loading is good for your joints
  3.   Cross train or vary your exercise on consecutive days

3.       Eat nutritious food. Avoid sugar which some nutritionists claim can acidify your system and lead to joint pain

Sleep well – your body repairs during sleep

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