Exercise and healthy diet key to reducing cancer rates, research shows.
Fourteen cancer types have been declared by the World Cancer Research Fund to be causally associated with being overweight or obese, including liver, breast, prostate and kidney cancer. The study found up to 13 per cent of obesity‐related cancers in men and up to 11 per cent in women could be avoided if overweight and obesity were eliminated in the Australian population between 2013 and 2037. Learn more Your future is literally in your hands. Every step you take towards eating a better diet and a more active life will bring joy and energy into your life and will, increasingly, protect you from cancer
STRIKE THE POSE TO BECOME a stronger, calmer and ‘bigger’ you!
Amy Cuddy’s 2012 Ted Talk has been watched 40 million times and is the 2nd most watched Ted Talk in history and it is worth the 21 minutes. But if you are in a hurry here is her message in brief… <br /> If you adopt a ‘Power Pose’ for 2 minutes a day It will change your body chemistry and your testosterone (strength hormone) will elevate and your cortisol (stress reactivity hormone) will fall. This applies to both males and females and the power pose effects are the same. Check this out. Practice the pose(s) for 6 months! How? Strike the pose for 2 minutes a day. You could do this in your office, the bathroom, your home or your […]
NEUROSCIENCE IS BEING REWRITTEN and old stereotypes are falling by the wayside
 INDIVIDUAL EMOTIONS DO NOT LIVE IN SPECIFIC PARTS OF YOUR BRAIN Lisa Feldman Barrett, a Northeastern University professor of psychology, is at the forefront of the “constructed emotion” theory. In this view, emotions aren’t standard across all human brains. For example: Fear does not have a specific operating location in the brain, nor does it create a universal response, like widening your eyes. &lt;img src=”https://rodmcleanchiropractic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/38_image-asset.jpg” alt=”” /&gt; Rather, “emotions are whole-brain affairs,” Barrett writes. “Emotions, and really all mental events, are constructed by your whole brain, as vast networks of neurons work together. We no longer ask where emotions live in the brain but how the brain makes emotions.” Turns out, our brains are even more unique than we thought—and may be […]
When it comes to speed chiropractic is part of the equation
&lt;img src=”https://rodmcleanchiropractic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/3_image-asset.jpg” alt=”Dr. Don Moore, who began working with California Chrome 18 months ago, checks the horse’s right leg. (Photo courtesy of Don Moore)”&gt;Dr. Don Moore, who began working with California Chrome 18 months ago, checks the horse’s right leg. (Photo courtesy of Don Moore) Chiropractic plays a role in the performance of athletes especially those who are built for speed. Chiropractors, particularly those who specialise in working with horses are regulars on horse studs in Australia. &lt;img src=”https://rodmcleanchiropractic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/4_image-asset.jpg” alt=””&gt; Usane Bolt publicly acknowledges the role chiropractic plays as part of his fitness preparation and maintenance regime. &lt;img src=”https://rodmcleanchiropractic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/5_image-asset.jpg” alt=””&gt; Dr Michael Douglas is a US based chiropractor from in both Florida seen working with the ‘fastest man on earth’. […]
Age problems – how can you protect yourself?
<br />
Why your accident history matters now and may affect your future quality of life.
<br /> Following an accident everything may infact be okay. However, following an accident that results in an injury, an affected joint will work sub optimally and a chain of joints, such as your spine, will create an adapted pattern of movement to ‘get around’ the problem of the affected joint. Your body is very adaptable which is good, However, years and years of adapted joint movement are likely to cause stress and wear on affected joints with symptoms and damage to follow. Being checked and having limited joint function diagnosed and treated by a health professional who is skilled in joint assessment may be considered an investment in your future health and wellbeing.
Be careful dads. Your skateboarding skills are probably rusty..
<br /> Be careful dads. Your skateboarding skills are probably rusty or missing if you hung up your skateboard 10 years ago. Become a beginner again with your kids. They will think that you are cool…
Make Good Health a Plan rather than an accident.
<br /> Small steps that you can take towards better health- Here is a list: What shape are you in? your body. Being evaluated by a health professional who is skilled at body evaluation is a starting point. Living a healthy life style Food – eating home prepared food from scratch Water – 8 glasses of water to maintain healthy hydration Sleep – 8 hours of restful sleep each night Managing stress – move away from stressors if you can and mitigate against those you can’t avoid with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, gardening, hobbies, exercise Exercise – be active in a variety of ways, especially in ways that are fun for you. And maintain flexibility Find ways to make the above […]
7 simple health suggestions about the food that you eat
<br /> What we eat and how we prepare it is so important for our health! Food is something that we eat several times each day. This means that small improvements in the quality of what we eat ‘lands’ on use daily and, over time, can make a significant contribution to our health & wellbeing.
questions for you to consider regarding pain
<br /> Some pain is chronic and familiar and some pain is a warning of danger. Pain can become familiar. We can begin to find it ‘normal’, a sign of getting older for example. HOWEVER, If you have back / body pain that is; not aggravated by movement, is new and severe, is rapidly worsening beware! Seek a health professional / medical opinion or go to hospital to ensure that you are safe.

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