We are proactive about safety but are we proactive about our health?
<br /> Creating and sustaining good health is an active process. However, in our society, we tend towards a superficial ‘set & forget’ view of health and become shocked when apparent good health gives way to poor health rather living ‘healthy lives’.
Why should dads be careful when they give their child a skate board?
If you’re an active skateboarding dad yor & your child are in good hands and this blog is not for you. But if you hung up your skate board 10 years ago and you have given your child their 1st skateboard and you intend to show them a few tricks – BEWARE! Lots of dads end up in emergency with broken arms and sometimes broken heads when things don’t go to plan because if you don’t use it (practice) you lose it. Seriously, if you retire an activity the movement patterns that you created in your brain start to erode through neglect and if you leave it long enough the pattern will be gone. You can think that you have the […]
What is the age range of people who come to Rod for chiropractic?
I work with people of all ages. The youngest baby was 4 days old and I often work with people in their late 80s and early 90s. The impulse of the Activator instrument is adjusted to match the size and health of the patient and which part of the body is being treated. The strongest settlings are for the pelvis and low back in adults and lightest for the upper neck and base of the skull. &amp;amp;amp;lt;img src=”https://rodmcleanchiropractic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/27_image-asset.jpg” alt=””&amp;amp;amp;gt; For children, babies, the elderly and the frail I use Activator settings that are appropriate and, because of the speed of the Activator’s impulse, surprisingly light settings are all that is required.
What can you do that’s good for your joints?
What can you do that is beneficial for your joints? Check out these don’ts and Dos DON’T; Run in worn shoes. Pound protesting joints. For example’ running with sore ankles, feet or knees. Get yourself checked out by a qualified person. Eat junk food or consume a high sugar diet. DO; 1.       Make sure that spinal and limb joints are not jammed or restricted – this is a chiropractor’s skill area 2.       Exercise so that you   Stretch and maintain joint flexibility   Load your joints with light to moderate weight – regular loading is good for your joints   Cross train or vary your exercise on consecutive days 3.       Eat nutritious food. Avoid sugar which some nutritionists claim can acidify your […]
Can your physical pain ever be a reflection of inner pain?
<img src=”https://rodmcleanchiropractic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/33_image-asset.jpg” alt=””> IS PHYSICAL PAIN EVER A REFLECTION OF INNER PAIN? The short answer is YES… and we have all experienced this. This is often referred to as the body mind connection, where emotional stress shows up as a body symptom. When people are stressed they may experience; tightness in their shoulders, increased/decreased appetite, difficulty in sleeping or headaches for example. Working with people to manage or reduce underlying stress or anxiety has been an interest of mine for many years and I have frequently worked with people who describe living with complex trauma and/or experiencing significant loss and grief. I completed a Master of Social Work Qualifying and worked concurrently with my chiropractic practice for several years as […]
Flexibility & Stiffness – It’s up to you
It’s true! If you don’t use it, you lose it   You must use the FULL range of your joints regularly or your flexibility will slowly but surely diminish without you knowing. As children we were active, constantly stretching our bodies. But, as adults, responsibilities and demands accumulate and we simply move less. We contract but we don’t notice the slowing down. So it may come as a shock to realise that you are becoming a stiffer, less inflexible person. To help yourself and improve your flexibility requires; 1.         A PLAN OF ACTION are you better in a class or prefer to be doing your own thing? are you interested in yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, swimming, body balance […]
<img src=”https://rodmcleanchiropractic.com.au/wp-content/uploads/30_image-asset.jpg” alt=””> Age and Balance Problems, WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PRESERVE YOUR BALANCE Try this: (STAY SAFE – have someone there to catch you) Stand on 1 leg with your eyes open. How long can you do this for each leg? Now stand on 1 leg with your eyes closed. How long can you do this for each leg? Compare yourself to the table below. One-Leg Balance Test (Bohannon 1984) shows the time a person can balance with their eyes open and closed: Age 20 – 59      eyes open = 29.5 secs      eyes closed = 21-28 secs Age 60 – 69      eyes open = 22.5 secs      eyes closed = 10 secs Age 70 – […]
BALANCE – Use it or Lose it
Use it or lose it series – PROPRIOCEPTION is the important word for our conscious perception of movement or our orientation in space. This information comes from our nervous system. PROPRIOCEPTION is critical for balance. Unfortunately, proprioception diminishes as we get older and we can become susceptible to falls. This is a big concern. However, we can take steps to safeguard our balance. As we become older we don’t know that our proprioception is failing because we use our eyes to organise ourselves in space. This big part of our balance system is ‘rusting away’ because we neglect to rely on it. We lose it because we don’t use it (and we don’t realise that we are not using it) […]
What shape are you in?

What shape are you in? How do you know? When was the last time that your spine was checked?

These are a very important questions about your health!

If we talking about your teeth, blood  pressure, liver function, PSA, PAP smear for example you are presented with results because an expert has specifically checked the normality of your system for you. 

Your Remarkable Spinal Column is both Flexible and Strong

Your spinal column is remarkable because it is both quite flexible and very strong. You have 24 vertebrae sitting on top of your pelvis with complex articulation between each vertebra.

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