Remembering Dr Lindsay Rowe – a Giant in Chiropractic & Medicine (1956 – 2016)
I attended Lindsay’s funeral service on January 31st. The church was standing room only for this remarkably gifted clinician, educator and family man. I first met Lindsay at a chiropractic seminar about 30 years ago. He was sitting in the back row listening to the presentation whilst writing a book on a laptop. Lindsay graduated as a chiropractor, became board certified as a chiropractic radiologist, co-authored a widely used radiology textbook and then studied medicine at Newcastle university. Lindsay had an extraordinary ability to multitask. He simultaneously worked as a chiropractor, studied medicine and lectured overseas in radiology. He became a medical radiologist, an associate professor at the University of Newcastle and was loved by students for his extraordinary ability […]
We Sit and We Sit Poorly and this Damages our Posture and our Health
Homo erectus is who we are! We are designed to be upright, erect but we now spend much of our time sitting, and sitting poorly. Esther Gokhale in the 6 minute Ted X talk below, speaks of the importance of tilting your pelvis forward (tilting your bottom out) to allow the spine to sit upright without slumping. <br /> A good upright sitting posture is easy if you put your knees lower than your hips. A good upright sitting posture is easy if you put your knees lower than your hips. Some office chairs can be adjusted so that the seat platform can be made to slope forward. Alternatively, a cushion or wedge under your bottom will achieve the same […]
Working with older people is very rewarding because it can be life changing.
<br /> Losing capacity and having your ‘world shrink’ is a painful experience for many as they age. Consequently, I enjoy working with older folk because small increases in their capacity can result in significant improvements in their quality of life.
What is Neuroplasticity? What can it do for you?
For as long as you are alive you can change your brain to benefit you! <br /> Neuroplasticity is activated when you challenge your brain by learning skills such as a new; language, games, dance or new fields of study, for example. This causes the creation of new connections within the brain. This ‘brain training’ can help you stay ‘younger’ and free you from old or unhelpful patterns such as negativity or fear that may be an undercurrent in your life. This is not just ‘use it or lose it’ but use your brain ‘differently’ to build more of what you want in your life.
<br /> If joints in an area of your spine decide not to move in certain directions (commonly as the result of old injury) other spinal joints that are above and or below will simply move more for them. THIS CREATES IMBALANCE and you are developing an adapted (no longer normal) patterns of spinal joint motion. HOWEVER, YOU WON’T KNOW THAT THIS ADAPTIVE PATTERN IS DEVELOPING. When the affected spinal area becomes sufficiently unbalanced tension and pain are likely to become a growing and significant problem. If you find that you can ‘crack’ the affected area and gain relief – BEWARE! You will only ever ‘crack’ the joints that are too loose, you will never ‘crack’ the joints that are […]
Do you have good posture? How do you know that it is good or not so good?
<br /> Our posture is the product of lifelong patterns began from when we were small. Evaluating, supporting and restoring more normal patterns of motion will shape good posture. Motivating people to be posturally aware is key.
How would you describe kinesiology?
<br /> Kinesiology is very commonly used in natural therapies as a way for working with a person’s system to restore more normal function. Kinesiology uses muscle testing or distortion analysis as a means of accessing information about your physical body and its systems. This information assists Rod to know: When to adjust Where to adjust and importantly When to leave things alone This means that the treatment you receive is designed to be compatible with what your body needs on the day you are treated.
Rod, how would you describe energetics?
<br /> We are all familiar with recognising when another person’s energy is up or down. Energetics can be an intuitive skill that assists the practitioner to find the best approach that meets the patient’s immediate situation.
Sitting is said o be the new smoking… What does this mean?
<br /> It is now recognised that inactivity is dangerous for your health and that sitting for long periods is should be avoided. It has been suggested that the long term health impact from sitting may well be as serious for us as smoking. protect yourself by; Notice what you do and don’t do in your work day. What patterns do you have and do they lock you into inactivity? buying a tracker such as a fit bit to see how many steps a day you actually take put some things out of reach such as your printer so that you have to get up to use them set an alarm on your phone to remind you that it is […]
Is it important to allow your children to crawl?
<br /> Beware of bounders & walkers for little ones. As children develop they stretch their boundaries and struggle to be able to do the thing that is just out of their reach. This struggle is an integral part of their development. If you make it easy for your child to bypass this (struggle) developmental process they miss out on a part of their integrative development. It is important to let your children crawl before they walk.

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