What shape are you in?
What shape are you in? How do you know? How often do you have your spine checked? These are a very important questions for your health! If we’re talking about your teeth, blood pressure, liver function, PAP smears, for example, you are presented with results because an expert has specifically checked the normality of your system for you. By law, your car is checked each year, but what about your spine? BUT… When was the last time that your spine was checked? Your mechanic will check for joints in your car that are too tight or too loose and adjust them back to a normal. Similarly, chiropractors check your spine for normal or abnormal patterns of movement and adjust joints […]
Food for Health
7 simple suggestions about Food for Your Health Simply incorporate any or all of the following 7 suggestions; 1.       Food prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients 2.       Organic produce is better 3.       Shop as locally as you can and be mindful or the origin of your food 4.       Rainbow foods – eat the full spectrum of coloured fruits and vegetables such as               purple carrots 5.       Unrefined foods – use cold pressed oils, wild caught salmon 6.       Give sugar in all its forms a miss 7.       Reduce / avoid fruit juices – they are very high in sugar and are NOT HEALTHY for             children Start with the easiest options […]
g. How can you maintain your strength
<br /> Preserve and improve your strength by lifting moderate weights. A safe way to begin is to see a trainer at a gym to set you up with a program that suits your body and your goals.
f. How can you maintain your flexibility
<br /> If you don’t use it you will lose it… You can preserve, protect and improve your flexibility with activity and exercise, particularly yoga
e. How can a person maintain or improve their balance
<br /> Rod speaks about the importance of doing balance exercises regularly, particularly with your eyes closed to help protect against falls in old age.
b. What is the age range of people you treat
<br /> Rod works with patients of all ages from young to old with Activator Technique.
c Forward head posture a modern epidemic
<br /> Forehead posture used to be a problem of old age but now this happens to young children often before they go to school.
Activator Methods is a non cracking chiropractic technique
<br /> Rod discusses Activator Technique which he has used for more than 30 years.
Age problems, how can you protect yourself
<br /> Rod discusses the benefits of exercise and maintaining balance to protect against limitation and poor quality of life in older age.
What Is Mindfulness, and Why Do Kids Need It?
From our earliest moments, mindfulness can help minimize anxiety and increase happiness.  Mindfulness and its benefits can be introduced to children as an idea, an activity and a skill that reaps rewards in so many ways.  The benefits list from Mindfulness is long, many layered and similar to the benefit lists that flow from many healthy ways of living such as adequate exercise, sleep, entertaining healthy thoughts and consuming nutritious food for example. Mindfulness is staying present and experiencing ‘now’. Children respond well to encouragement in this regard. If the parents are interested in mindfulness and its benefits the children will lean in this direction and trheir interest can be nurtured. 

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