Cop it Sweet, Australia needs a sugar tax…
In this 18/2/17 SMH article, Peter FitzSimons writes about the cost to Australia of obesity due to health outcomes that flow from a chronically overweight population. And Peter FitzSimons can talk. He has lost 1/3 of his body mass by removing sugar from his diet and quitting alcohol. 32 years later he now weighs less than he did as a representative footballer. The need for and benefits that would flow from a sugar tax are supported by a 15/2/17 article in the Guardian citing research from the University of Melbourne’s School of Public Health.
Activator Methods is a non-crack Chiropractic Techique
<br /> I have used Activator technique as my primary chiropractic technique for more than 30 years. I have been an instructor in Activator since 2001 with this bunch of great doctors of chiropractic photographed at the Sydney Activator Seminar in 2016
Scoliosis – no problem for Usain Bolt
Article by Dr. Aaron Martin Usain Bolt has been declared the “fastest man in the world.” While this hasn’t always been technically true, he has won so consistently at the 100 meter distance throughout his career that the nickname “lightning bolt” seems like a pretty good fit. He has won 6 Olympic gold medals, never placing for silver or bronze. “When I was younger, the scoliosis wasn’t really a problem. But you grow and it gets worse. My spine was really curved bad. The early part of my career, when we didn’t really know much about it, it really hampered me because I got injured every year.” Instead of using a brace or enduring dangerous surgery to correct the […]
Why I switched to Activator Chiropractic Technique 30 + years ago and haven’t ‘cracked’ anyone’s back since
All chiropractors are well trained in spinal adjustments (manipulation). However, there is a great range of chiropractic techniques which can ‘look’ and ‘feel’ very different from each other. As a chiropractic student, I worked for Dr Shirley George, a Sydney chiropractor, massaging patients in her clinic. Shirley was a ‘non crack’ chiropractor. She worked with SOT and Activator Methods (both ‘crack free chiropractic techniques) and used a great deal of Applied Kinesiology in her practice. Kinesiology and Activator Technique particularly appealed to me and since attending my 1st Activator Technique seminar during my 1st year in practice, I haven’t ‘cracked’ a back since. Activator Technique is; good to use with the very young, the old and the frail, plus everyone […]
The body mind connection.
<br /> Peoples’ physical bodies can reflect their inner emotional state; people in love radiate, at anxious times our stomach and bowels respond for example… <img src=”” alt=”brain 2.jpg”> The Body mind connection and what might help free people from pain and or limitation in what ever form it presents in peoples’ lives has been an area of professional interest and work for more than 20 years
When someone says that ‘they’ve slept wrong’, what’s that about?
People frequently think that they have never been injured or that their accidents didn’t adversely affect their bodies. Fortunately our structures are very adaptable. In fact, so adaptable that people don’t recognize that anything changed as a result of their accident. They can do what they want and it all feels OK so it must be OK. However, people who are living with an adapted joint or spine are often moving down a path of degeneration and when things start to become uncomfortable, (‘they slept wrong’), they don’t find any connection between their intermittent problem and the incident that  impacted their body. They have an underlying problem(s) that need to be sorted out and this may take some work. <br /> […]
How well do you manage your stress?
<br /> pick the  stress management activities that appeal to you or that you have time for. If you have time do more. if you have little time – do what you love, do what nourishes you andfills your cup
h. How can chiropractic help you manage stress
<br /> Have you felt that stress and tension accumulates in your neck and shoulders? Living with stress requires thought and a management plan that could include chiropractic for tight muscles, exercise, relaxation and stress relieving activities.
d. How can a person know what shape they are in
As a society we believe in the idea of having things such as machines checked but we don’t check our health. Rod suggests people have their systems regularly checked by an experienced qualified person. <br />

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