This is a BAD SIGN. It is a sign of an old injury.

If you, or people you know, are cracking your back or neck for the relief it gives, you have a problem with joints in your spine that you are making worse, not better. 

Your vertebral joints are like links in a chain. Each one should be moving roughly the same amount. But if you have a joint(s) that no longer want to move in certain directions, other joints will move more for them. And, if there is no pain or limitation, you will have no idea there is an imbalance in your spinal joints until something becomes uncomfortable or stats to hurt because the adaptation has become severe enough.

Playing football, coming off a bike, tumbling around, falling over, for example, may not seem important at the time but if a vertebral joint decides that it doesn’t want to move as it used to this will generate an imbalance over time.

So, if you can crack your back for relief, you will only ever crack the mobile or loose joints. You will never crack the tight ones.

This gives you short term relief but makes loose joints looser and the tight joints get tighter. 

You are making your problem worse, and this imbalance won’t correct itself.

Chiropractic care aims to restore more normal movement in spinal joints which is the root of the problem. Check out chiropractic work for your problems.

And check out this short video.

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