My father was an engineer on the Snowy Mountains Scheme and he told me this story when I was a child. He recounted that he was at a Snowy region camp, outside in horrible weather, muddy, cold and wet where workmen were struggling to thread large metal nuts onto large bolts. Dad suggested that they take the nuts off the bolts, wash and clean the threads and then they would be able to spin the nuts on the threads with their fingers. They washed the threads and the nuts spun onto the bolts.

Easter 1974 I was labouring on the last Snowy region camp. It was snowing and cold and I came across some men in a muddy pit trying to force fist sized nuts onto big bolts with a massive spanner with a couple of metres of pipe jammed over the end to give massive leverage. But it wasn’t working. I repeated my father’s instructions and these men listened to the 19 year old, cleaned the threads and spun the nuts on so we could all knock off.

This is a story about removing impediments that are in the road. Here grit in the threads was enough to over power even massive force.

When I work with energy, blocks and impediments often deep within find their way into my attention and this makes a difference. Sometimes there is something very young from a person’s childhood that need to be acknowledged, seen, given a voice, hear a voice or be shown the way to leave.

It is not easy to describe these processes. But I have had a lot of training in working with energy, working with unconscious patterns, developing intuition. The insights come to me, I don’t look for them and the insights are not the truth, simply aspects of truth, or pieces of a puzzle but it is not accident that the particular piece appears. I believe that there is ‘organisation’ behind this. I am not the organiser I just know what to do with the piece when it appears. And, what I do, may be with words. It may be ‘holding an energetic space’ and it may be with various forms of touch.

But this all has to do with removing blocks or impediments that have interfered with your growth, your free expression. You may have never had permission to ask for certain things, put your self in certain positions and it is never an accident when permission to change finally arrives.

Look for articles or blogs I have written articles titled ‘untangling fishing line’, ‘piano keys. Swiss cheese’, ‘if you think it’s there it’s there’, ‘adding pencils’ as a way of using analogies to give you a glimpse or insight into energetic processes and the impediments that are being bypassed or removed.

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